Top Tips to help autistic children by autistic children

Happy Autism Acceptance Week from Autsera to you! This week, we’re celebrating Autism Acceptance by sharing resources, tips and infographics all over our social media platforms. 

Our Neurodiversity Consultant, Jane Pidduk, had a lovely conversation with some autistic children about the kind of help and support they wish other people would give them. We have their answers right here as a guide for you on how you can better support autistic individuals and especially children around you.

Without further ado, let’s see what they said!

We hope you find these helpful and take them as a guide the next time you interact with an autistic individual. Remember that Autism Acceptance Week might only be here for one week, but it promotes acceptance of autistic individuals all year long!

Be supportive. Be accepting. Be respectful.

For more information about Autism Acceptance Week and how to show support, visit National Autistic Society.

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