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QuadEmo Logo. In 4 colours corresponding to 4 animal quadrants

Uncover your own emotions and learn how to manage them!

QuadEmo is an educational game that helps children understand their own feelings and emotions, and those of others. It shows children how emotions can make their bodies feel inside, how emotions affect behaviour, and how they can regulate their emotions.
​QuadEmo supports EYFS Personal, Social and Emotional Development and KS1 PSHE curriculum.

A yellow cartoon character with navy headphones. Underneath appears the word VoxiPlay in navy

Improve your speech with VoxiPlay!

VoxiPlay is a –soon to be launched– innovative game app that uses speech recognition technology to help children improve their speech. It also provides teachers with a remote progress tracking dashboard, which can evidence their progress and identify areas requiring extra support.

VoxiPlay is currently conducting pilot trials in schools.

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